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Керри - за puerrtto

В продолжение предыдущего поста, кусочек брифинга в Госдепе США, 17 яваря 2017, Джон Кёрби, официальный представитель Государственного департамента США, вопрос о судьбе Александа Лапшина:

QUESTION: John, the Government of Belarus has arrested Israeli-Russian blogger Alexander Lapshin based on request from Azerbaijan because the Government of Azerbaijan accuses this blogger for visiting Nagorno-Karabakh and also for some public statements that were not favorable for the Azerbaijani Government – particularly, as they phrased it, because there were public calls against the state by Lapshin. Now the Government of Azerbaijan also demands the extradition of Lapshin.

Israeli Government resisted this. Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov again resisted extradition today in his public statement. And the Committee to Protect Journalists from New York also called for unconditional release of the blogger. I was wondering if the Department of State follows the situation with arrest of the blogger.

MR KIRBY: First, I’d say this is really something for the relevant countries to speak to, especially when you’re talking about extradition requests. That’s really for them to speak to. Obviously, press freedom is important to us, and we talk about it all the time. I don’t have any specific information with respect to this case, but I’d refer you to the relevant countries to speak to that.

QUESTION: But you are concerned with the issue of free journalist movement --

MR KIRBY: We are always concerned with the issue of press freedom. That is something that we speak to almost every day, sadly. We have to speak to it every day. So certainly, our concern over the freedom of journalists to do their jobs remains very robust, but I don’t have any specific information on this case. And as for – you’re talking about foreign extradition requests. I don’t have – I just don’t have any knowledge of it, and that’s really not something that would be appropriate for the State Department to speak to anyway.

Переводить лень, вот гуглем, (или вариант РИА Новости), в общем - и Керри и Гостеп США за мир во всем мире и свободу прессы, журнал Саши puerrtto они пока не читают, но озабочены и проявляют беспокойство. Главное - что и на этом уровне фамилия Лапшин уже звучит. И оковы тяжкие, в конце концов, падут (с).

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